Recent Work

I’ve been neglecting this blog… a lot of that’s to blame on the lure of the various social-media type places I’ve been posting; in comparison, blogging feels like shouting into the void, uncertain if anybody’s even listening. But! I’ve updated my portfolio recently, and there’s a handful of new pieces up there. Instead of posting them all, I‘ll invite you to check them out yourself, and just put up my two favourites here:

Again, check out for more new work!

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Some stuff I did months ago should finally be coming out some time in the next week or two, so with luck there’ll be much less lag between this post and the next. In the meantime, just drawing my D&D characters again. This is Mariel. She thinks that’s a perfectly practical adventuring outfit. She probably wears high heels to dungeon crawl. Sometimes it’s fun to play characters that embody tropes which generally annoy you.

As before, if you want to see updates from me more or less daily – mostly studies – you can check out my sketchbook thread. (Though that link is likely broken as I post this, because CA is down. Should be fine in a day or two.) Also, if I didn’t mention it before – I’m now on tumblr, and have a facebook fan page now, too. If you follow me on deviantart, that’s, what, five ways to find me? SOCIAL MEDIA, WAY OF THE FUTURE.

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A Dryad in Winter

ArtOrder’s latest challenge was all about nymphs. This is my take on the topic – the two major inspirations here were the idea of a dryad as a siren, luring men to their doom, and the giant mess of snow we got over the holidays.

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Paladin & Cleric

Fell off the earth for a bit post-GenCon… most of what I’ve done since has either been work I can’t show yet, or studies and the like. Lots of studies in the CA sketchbook thread, and the work I can’t show yet will be up when I can show it. I do have a couple of things to put up, though, and hopefully more coming in the next couple of weeks!

For the Train your Brain contest on Deviantart; a mock book cover, based on this piece from nearly two years ago. Though her outfit fits the archetype even less than the original image, I still think of her as a paladin.

This was a test piece for Paizo Publishing of one of the Pathfinder iconics; character design by Wayne Reynolds.

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Bright Lights

Tomorrow (today, going by the actual clock) I leave for GenCon, where I’ll be hefting around my portfolio in the hopes of finding some work and/or useful advice. I… am very nervous.

Here’s a few pieces – some of the images I’ve been working on but never posted here. I have one final piece that’s still in progress right now, that may go up on my site and/or here tomorrow morning, or maybe when I get back. WE’LL SEE.

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Some Heads

A while without an update, yes, but not for lack of work! I’ve been in serious portfolio-building mode, and have a number of things in finished-but-is-it-actually-finished-how-can-I-be-sure sort of mode. I haven’t linked my sketchbook thread in a while, but I post WIPs and/or studies there every single day. There’s a few pictures in there that’ll make their way to this blog soon enough, once I can finally accept that they’re really done.

In the meantime, here’s some work that wasn’t meant to be portfolio building, but got in there anyhow. Sometimes I start doodling D&D characters for my own amusement. Sometimes I don’t know when to stop. Both characters have shown up here before – one’s cleaned up a bit, and the other has come a long way since this blog began a year and a half ago.

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I finally did a CHoW again! Good times. And as usual, there’s been a lot of cool stuff done, if you check out the finals thread.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I’ve had a real breakthrough, but this piece feels like one – it’s pretty basic, but stylistically, it’s got a lot of what I’ve been aiming for lately. Since I’m portfolio building at the moment, hopefully that’s a good sign of things to come!

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She thinks she’s all ready for what’s out there, with her cocky grin and her daddy’s knife. If she’s not careful, she’ll be murdered by kobolds her first time out.

Planning to do a few of these greyscale character portrait things for my portfolio. So here’s the first, a generic newbie type, based on the principles of “I’ve been wearing boots and shorts lately; I want to draw somebody in boots and shorts.”

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Art Test!

The latest Art Order challenge, and also the art test for the next edition of D&D? I went for the guard option. Got to render a whole lot of fun stuff!

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Lifedrawing Painting

Lifedrawing at the Artel tonight! Instead of posting the pencil drawings (which I mostly didn’t like much) I took one of them – a 15-minute portrait – into Photoshop and spent an hour or so painting it up afterwards. It probably looks nothing like the model now, but I had fun?

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